Costs of Listing With An Agent in Syracuse, NY area

When selling your Syracuse, NY area home, don’t rush into signing with an agent until you run some numbers and learn about all of your options. There are many costs of listing with an agent, sometimes a direct sell is a more lucrative choice. Educate yourself on all scenarios before you sign a listing agreement that … Continued

5 Creative Ways To Sell Your Land Online

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Guide to Throwing a Summer Open House in Syracuse, NY area

Summertime… and the livin’s easy. It’s the perfect time to sell your Syracuse, NY area home. The weather is nice, people are out and about, and it’s the perfect time to throw an AMAZING open house. There are many ways you can take advantage of the warm temps and long days. Here are just a few … Continued

What are Closing Costs Exactly in Syracuse, NY area?

You’ve likely heard about closing costs, but do you know everything that they include? Check out our closing cost “FAQ” to learn more about what closing costs are all about. What Are Closing Costs Exactly in Syracuse, NY area? Closing costs refer to all of the fees that must be paid at the closing table. … Continued

Who Pays When Selling Land In Syracuse, NY area

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Tips to Make Your Yard a Selling Point in Syracuse, NY area

A well thought out backyard can be a huge factor when selling your home. It can influence the prospective buyers’ entire perception of the property. As such, a messy, overgrown yard can deter buyers and make a horrible first impression. In our latest blog, we have put together some ideas to make your yard a selling … Continued