The True Costs of Owning the Wrong Syracuse, NY area Home

The true costs of owning the wrong Syracuse, NY area home can be not only emotional but very expensive. Why live another day in a home that you can no longer afford or just doesn’t suit your lifestyle any longer? Here are some of the true costs of owning the wrong home in Syracuse, NY … Continued

Our 4 Step Downsizing Plan for Syracuse, NY area Homeowners

Do you have a downsizing plan for your house in Syracuse, NY area? Lifestyles change and along with them, the requirements you have for a home change as well. In addition to finding your new smaller home and the hassles of listing and selling your current larger home, the task of downsizing can seem overwhelming. … Continued

How to find good investment property in Syracuse, NY area

Lots of investors are looking to get started, and as active real estate experts in Syracuse, NY area New York, we get asked to share our secrets quite a bit. Fortunately, we love to share 🙂 One of the biggest questions we get from local investors is ” How to find a good investment property in Syracuse, … Continued

5 Ways to Sell Your Syracuse, NY area House in a Flooded Market

Selling your house in a flooded market can feel challenging. When an abundance of properties are listed, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. Everyone is trying to sell right now and cash in on the gains made in equity due to rising home prices and low-interest rates on their next home. … Continued

Real estate investing Resources in Syracuse, NY area

So you wanna get started investing in Syracuse, NY area and you’re checking things out, eh? Good for you. Always do your homework and you won’t get schooled. Here’s some great tools that we’ve found and we use from time to time and great real estate investing resources in Syracuse, NY area for investors here … Continued